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Jared Gaither Reportedly Discussing New Contract With Chargers

It’s funny how a change of scenery can change a player. Heading into this offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs are still in need of an offensive tackle, just as they were last offseason. The team signed Jared Gaither to a contract before the 2011 season hoping he would be the answer, only to release him near season’s end. The Chargers signed him and, you guessed it, he ended up becoming exactly what they hoped for from such a reclamation project. Now Aaron Wilson is reporting that the team is working on re-signing the FA tackle.

The San Diego Chargers and free agent offensive tackle Jared Gaither are scheduled to talk this week, according to his agent, Kevin Pompey. The Chargers have indicated interest in having Gaither back, but no deal is imminent. “We’re very happy that the Chargers have interest,” Pompey told Scout. “Jared’s happy to be on track. He’s happy to be in a good place. He put 2010 behind him.”

Now the Chiefs are still trying to find the answer after letting Gaither go way too early. It appears that decision could continue to haunt them in the AFC West in the near future.