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Robert Griffin III Leaps Over Andrew Luck For No. 1 Overall Player For 2012 NFL Draft

For the last several months, it’s been a given that every other player not named Andrew Luck is vying for the second best player in the 2012 NFL Draft on down. There’s been zero competition for any top spot and even with the ascension of Robert Griffin III at Baylor to the top 25, to the Heisman Trophy and even through the Combine, Luck has been safe at the top spot without any real competition. Until now.

Russell Lande from the Sporting News now has Griffin as his No. 1 overall player available for the draft. He writes, “Coming out of Indianapolis, two elite quarterback prospects stand out—Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck—for their remarkable overall skills, intelligence and intangibles. After seeing Griffin measure over 6-2 at the Combine to ease any concerns about his size, the former Baylor quarterback moves up to No. 1 in our latest player rankings.”

There’s no denying that Griffin is a dynamic player and possibly a franchise quarterback for some lucky team in the draft. But it’s been widely held that Luck is a once in a decade type of talent at quarterback. Now suddenly he’s the second best player?

It just goes to show that the endless media analysis about the NFL Draft (that still won’t happen for nearly two full months) can end up coming full circle since people have to find new things to write about. Certainly putting Griffin at the top is someone’s opinion and prerogative, but it also shows that we need something else to read and write about.