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Darnell Dockett Flirts With Peyton Manning And Disses Kevin Kolb On Twitter

It’s one thing to have sportswriters endlessly debating what Peyton Manning will likely do with his new found freedom after the announced intention to release him Wednesday by the Indianapolis Colts. It’s another thing entirely to have NFL players calling out for Manning via Twitter to the detriment of current players on the roster.

Apparently Darnell Dockett has forgotten his team already has some quarterbacks on the roster with his latest Twitter post that reads, “Peyton to AZ!!!!!!” The multiple explanation points likely represent the stabs in the back that Kevin Kolb must feel after watching his teammate publicly call out for anything other than him.

Of course, the Cardinals are usually mentioned as a possibility for Manning’s landing spot anyway, but the source material here is problematic for the Cardinals if they want to maintain any kind of cohesion if Manning doesn’t make it there. It makes you wonder if Kolb is finished whether Manning makes it to Phoenix or not.