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Top 25 Things Kansas City Chiefs' Fans Said They'll Give Up For Peyton Manning

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It's time for this weeks' Top 25 list for Kansas City Chiefs fans. This one is dealing with none other than.... you guessed it, Peyton Manning.

It's Friday and that means another edition of the "Top 25" here on SB Nation Kansas City. I go ahead and use the wonderful world of twitter to get answers from Kansas City Chiefs fans on a variety of topics for this series. Since the most popular thing in the NFL right now is Peyton Manning's next destination, and the fact that the Chiefs are right in the thick of the situation, this was obviously going to have a Manning slant.

Since we're right in the middle of lent as well, I threw out the following question on twitter. "What would you give up for Peyton Manning to come to Kansas City?"

These were some of the most popular answers. (Some of them are not serious or confirmed, you can figure out which ones)

1. I would give up Jameson, wait that is the Jameson typing. @jinxallessio

2. I'd give up being sober on Sunday's - Me @bkissel7

3. smoking, caffeine, cursing, and I'd call home more often. @chiefsinchina

4. Fried mushrooms from Hoopers @ArrowheadPride

5. let's talk about real sacrifice... I'd give up AP for lent @cowboynchrist

6. I'd give up Gin. And that's a big deal. @KaloPhoenix

7. I would give up cursing during Chiefs games. Thats not something that will come easy for me. @Chiefs_fan1025

8. give up abstinence on Sundays? @dbaty7

9. I'd give up Kansas City BBQ @Not_A_Saint_Pat

10. I'd give up weed. Or fast food. @JazzyMegalodon

11. I would give up procrastination on homework. @dbaty7

12. Matt Cassel -

13. Days off - Season tickets salesman at Arrowhead offices

14. Following @OmarKelly on twitter - Annoyed Chiefs fans

15. I will give up disappointment - Chieffan_Toby

16. I would give up Justin Bieber - RememberDelaney37

17. 40 years of SuperBowl drought - McG_AF

18. Playing time - Matt Cassel

19. Money - All Chiefs fans (Looking at you Clark Hunt)

20. Fantasy Football. I could live through my team - Helmets

21. My dungeon - Adam Teicher

22. I'd give up NOT listening to "Chop Talk" on Sunday nights - All Chiefs fans (New podcast starting Sunday at 8:30pm CT)

23. Saying "POWWW!" - Rob Riggle

24. Doubting the weatherman - All of Arrowhead Pride

25. We'll give up touchdowns - Opposing defenses

These are some of the things that Chiefs fans (and others) said that they would give up (or didn't) if Peyton Manning decides to join the Kansas City Chiefs. One thing is for certain, Manning would be joining the best fans in the entire NFL and would get to play in the loudest stadium in the NFL. We'll all be awaiting his word.