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Peyton Manning Rumors: Dolphins Reporter Believes Chiefs Would Make Great Fit

Omar Kelly is a Miami Dolphins reporter for the Florida Sun-Sentinel but you wouldn’t know it by reading his Twitter feed. That’s because he continually points back again and again to the Kansas City Chiefs as the place best suited for Peyton Manning. He even seems to be openly rooting for Manning to end up in KC. Check out some of his posts:

Here’s one: “Miami might be viewed the front runner for Peyton Manning, but I consistently point out it is not a done deal. Kansas City has the juice.”

And another: “Folks…I’m not Peyton Manning. Don’t know what he’s thinking or feeling. But I have been told he’s NOT a big city guy. That’s a fact.”

Yet another: “I’ve been told Peyton Manning is a small town guy, & isn’t interested in circus style coverage. I also warned he misses NOTHING.”

And finally: “Serious talk. If there’s one coach I’d love to see land Peyton Manning it would be Romeo Crennel. He’s a great man.”

While the Dolphins remain the perceived frontrunner for his services according to many sportswriters, at least one sees just how good Peyton Manning could fit in Kansas City.