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Broncos Players Given Six-Game Suspensions For NFL Substance Abuse Violations

Despite the good news for Denver Broncos fans that Peyton Manning is coming to town in his post-Colts parade to speak to John Elway and the rest of the Broncos’ brass about playing in Mile High, the team did receive some bad news today as well. Vic Lombardi is reporting that the league handed down six-game suspensions for two Broncos players.

Via Twitter, Lombardi wrote, “Ryan McBean and DJ Williams suspended six games each. They will file federal lawsuits against the NFL this Monday.” Ryan McBean is a defensive tackle for John Fox’s defense that had a solid year with 4 quarterback sacks and has played with the team since 2008. D.J. Williams has been with the Broncos since he was their first round pick back in 2004.

Lombardi goes on to note that “the players claim tampering during the process. Again, they will file federal lawsuits against the league.”