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Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Jamaal Charles Consider Best Chiefs Draft Picks Of Last Few Years

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If you’re a Chiefs fan, it’s a feature you will want to read from top to bottom. Pro Football Focus is running a new regular feature called Draft Grader that looks back at the 2008 to 2010 NFL Draft classes to see how well a front office has performed. While it’s not an exact science, it’s always an interested read to see how well Scott Pioli and his staff did in a particular year. For the PFF staff, a pair of Brandons and Jamaal Charles make up the best selections of all.

There are no complete whiffs in the last three years for the Chiefs, so while there are some picks that didn’t pan out to value, it also doesn’t feature the same level of mistakes that other teams in the series have been guilty of making.

Khaled Elsayed finally summarizes the Chiefs this way:

Scott Pioli should probably send a giant thank you card to Carl Peterson for a 2008 draft class that secured them a number of productive starters. Not to be outdone, the class of 2010 could rival that, only slowed down by a couple of serious injuries to both Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry that took the shine off a series of selections who have impressed. The only concern would be the overdrafting of players who aren’t every-down guys. You can blame Dorsey on the old regime and a scheme change that leaves you getting the best out of a bad situation. However, the selection of Jackson is a rare miss in terms of finding appropriate value from picks.

Jackson should continue to get better along the line with more playing time as should a few more of these picks. Even though this seems solid now, it could be even more impressive in 2014.