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Missouri Tigers WR Jerrell Jackson Takes On The 'Joplin Challenge'

There is one thing on this Earth that can shut down an aerial passing attack or an oncoming pass rush, mother nature. What has taken place in southwest Missouri can only be described as catastrophic, as the The F-5 twister that hit Joplin on May 22, 2011, damaged or destroyed more than 7,700 households, and thousands of Joplin residents continue to live in temporary housing or with family or friends.

Gov. Jay Nixon launched the 2012 Governor’s Joplin Habitat Challenge and has partnered with 7 different teams across the area chipping in. One of those teams is the Missouri Tigers, and their star wide receiver has pledged his support with a video.

Here is Jerrell Jackson's video encouraging others to help rebuild Joplin and to overcome this tragedy.

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