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MLB Draft 2012: Royal Could Land LSU Pitcher Kevin Gausman

Keith Law takes a closer look at a college pitcher in his latest column over at ESPN, and it’s worth taking a look because he could be a future ace in Kauffman Stadium if Law is right about his position in the upcoming 2012 MLB Draft. LSU’s Kevin Gausman is one of the best pitchers in the country, and the Royals could use a college ace just like him.

Law writes, “There’s a fair amount of industry speculation that Gausman is Kansas City’s target with the fifth overall pick, although I assume that’s based on the assumption that the first four picks are, in some order, Byron Buxton, Mark Appel (who was 97-99 early last night, but threw an arm-numbing 149 pitches), Kyle Zimmer (who was rained out) and Mike Zunino. The Royals did want a college starter last year, only to have their top four choices (including Dylan Bundy, the high school pitcher who was as polished as a college guy) taken in the top four spots. This year, they should get one of those three college arms if that is indeed still their goal.”

Gausman is a 6-4 righty who was drafted out of high school in the sixth round by the Dodgers in 2010. Last year, Bubba Starling was the Royals choice in the exact same spot at No. 5.