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Former Broncos DT Ryan McBean Presents Interesting Option As Free Agent

There’s no denying that Ryan McBean is damaged goods. There’s also no denying that he could likely help most teams in a rotation at a position of need: defensive tackle. It’s an interesting proposition for a team looking to potentially sign McBean, then, as the Broncos have officially released the former Oklahoma State player.

McBean had four sacks last year for the Broncos defensive line to go with 33 tackles. Those are solid numbers from the interior of a 3-4 base, and they represented career highs for McBean. However, the Jamaica native was also suspended for six games due to violating the NFL’s drug policy. While McBean maintains his innocence due to a tainted sample, his record isn’t exactly sparkling before that incident.

Instead, McBean was also arrested for stalking last October, which means the last year has been one to forget. However, the talent is definitely there to help. The Chiefs are certainly among teams who would be interested in adding another body in the middle, and McBean could be the right guy if he’s prepared to turn his reputation around and play it straight. Then again, it could be one mark too many against such a player despite his ability to help.