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Alex Gordon Selected As 2012 MLB All-Star FanFest Spokesperson

It’s a role that Albert Pujols and Derek Jeter have filled in years past. The Kansas City Royals certainly hope those comparisons rub off on Alex Gordon as he fills the role in 2012 of the MLB All-Star FanFest spokesperson. In doing so, the Royals left fielder becomes a key personality for MLB during All-Star week as well as leading up to the big celebration.

“I’m honored and privileged to do it,” Gordon said. “I think George Brett is doing something, too, and we’re all excited the All-Star Game is in Kansas City, so whatever I can do to help out with the community and the team, I’m happy to do it.”

Gordon went without a hit for the first five games of the 2012 season. However, he has begun to turn it around in the last few. He signed a major extension in the off-season that will keep him in the heart of the order with Eric Hosmer for at least the next four seasons.

“We have great fans, we’ve got a great stadium that was upgraded, and I think [Commissioner] Bud Selig saw that and wanted to reward the city of Kansas City for all they’ve done. It’s a great atmosphere and I know it’s going to be a great event.”