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Jayhawks Jinx? School Website Selling National Champions T-Shirts Hours Before Tip-Off

In a move that may be looked back upon as either a Jayhawks Jinx or some really strong foresight, the website for the Kansas athletics store begun selling 'National Champions' t-shirts in advance of tonight's championship game against Kentucky.

Upon realizing the error, the website pulled the product.

Although an embarrassing mishap for the school, it's not the only time a website has jumped the gun on championship declarations.

The New York Giants official website posted a banner page congratulating the team on its Super Bowl victory days before they took on the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. In 2009 the Philadelphia Inquirer posted a congratulatory ad to the Phillies for a second consecutive World Series championship, despite the fact that the team was down 3-1 to the Yankees at the time (they would eventually lose the series).

Kansas gets it shot at earning the right to sell the t-shirts tonight when they take on Kentucky, with tip-off scheduled for 9:23 p.m. EST.

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