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2012 NCAA Football Schedule: Must See Kansas City Area Games

While the majority of metropolitan Kansas City is squarely focused on tonight's shot at redemption over Kentucky for the Kansas Jayhawks in college hoops, there's probably still a few pigskin fanatics amping up for the college football season.

And for those, SB Nation's Jason Kirk presents the must-see games of 2012, broken down week-by-week.

Check out some highlights after the jump.

Week 2: Georgia Vs. Missouri: In case you haven't heard, Missouri signed a pretty good wide receiver recruit. His name is Dorial Green-Beckham, and he'll make his SEC debut (as will Missouri) when they take on Georgia, who already is facing secondary woes after a tumultuous spring.

Week 4: Kansas State Vs. Oklahoma. Kansas State has a tendency of doing two things in recent years: exceeding expectations and winning games many don't expect them to. Might Oklahoma be the next victim of this trend?

Week 7: Alabama Vs. Missouri: DGB should have another chance to shine in the national spotlight as the Tigers take on an Alabama defense that loses potentially multiple first round picks to the NFL. Could this be his break out game?

Week 13: LSU Vs. Arkansas. Now that the Border War is no longer, Kansas City-ans will have to turn their attention to a different game during rivalry week. And while the teams involved don't strike quite as close to home, there's little doubt the action will be jam-packed when the Tigers and Hogs go head-to-head.

For all of your college football needs, check out SB Nation's NCAA Football home.