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NASCAR At Kansas: Martin Truex Jr. Expected To 'Mess Up' By Jimmie Johnson's Crew

Martin Truex Jr. continues to lead the STP 400 at Kansas Speedway in today’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race as he has from the very beginning. However Jimmie Johnson has recently pulled into second place and has tried a few moves to make his way past Truex and take the lead. Yet NASCAR's race feed is saying that he might just wait for the leader in front of him to do his work.

According to the feed, “Jimmie Johnson’s spotter has told him not to push the issue, saying that leader Martin Truex Jr. ‘will mess up.’” At this point, expect Johnson to hold back then and hope that Truex fails at some point given his history. Treux himself even said as much before the race when he said, “The key to Kansas is finding the right balance especially over the tar strips. There’s about five of them and when the sun is out, the strips make it extremely slick out there.”

If Johnson is waiting for Truex’s history to play out, it might be a good bet. Then again, Truex has been racing very well this season and today has shown his dominance since the beginning.