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MLB Power Rankings: Royals Are No. 7, Despite Struggles

The Kansas City Royals haven't been as terrible as they have been unlucky. The Sports Illustrated Major League Baseball Power Rankings has the Royals as the 7th-ranked team in the game, despite them only having three wins on the season and going 0-10 at home up until this point.

Perhaps if the Royals can get a bit more opportunistic hitting, they'd be in better shape.

Here is what SI wrote about the ranking:

"Here's a case where a team's WAR winning percentage can be more telling than its current record. Judging by wins and losses alone, the Royals have been atrocious. But their offensive line of .254/.316/.408 is pretty close to league average and their pitching hasn't been disastrous. The problem has been when the hits have come: Kansas City has hit just .198 in high-leverage situations. The Royals don't have to play much better in order to start winning games -- they just need to start coming through in the clutch."

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