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Indians Walk Their Way To Victory, Kansas City Royals Lose Yet Again

Twelve in a row.

There isn't much to say about this team right now, or at least anything that is constituted as family friendly. With Tuesday evening's 4-3 loss at Progressive Field to the Cleveland Indians, the Kansas City Royals now sit at 3-14 on the season. Fan apathy has set in, just a tenth of the way into the season.

The same struggles are there, the Royals continue to struggle with runners in scoring position, meanwhile as a team the club walked nine Cleveland batters on the evening. Jonathan Sanchez accounted for seven walks in just 4.2 innings pitched.

Looking at the positives, Mitch Maier played a heck of a game, collecting three hits and saving at least two runs from scoring in the ninth when he chased down a Travis Hafner fly ball hit deep. He doubled his RBI's for the season, with two in the loss.

Kansas City finally showed signs of life in the ninth, as Chris Getz doubled and scored from third on a groundout from Billy Butler. However after Eric Hosmer singled, Jeff Francoeur grounded out to end the game.

What's really frustrating is you outhit a team 12-8, yet lose, primarily because of the number of walks allowed.

Royals fans are currently numb and looking for answers, but I don't have any. You could point the finger in any general direction and have a reasonable argument for what has gone wrong. However I believe the Royals need a change, and they need a change at the very top.

For 20 years it's been the same song and dance, no matter what the talent level is on the field. This organization needs a paradigm shift, problem is I don't see it coming anytime soon. It is indeed far from "Our Time".

Keep your heads up folks, tomorrow is a new day...