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Former Chiefs Punter Louie Aguiar Among Plaintiffs Suing NFL For Concussion

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While the NFL continues to make headway regarding player safety on the field, there are also some fences to mend from years past. Dozens of former NFL players have filed suit against the league in recent months claiming that they want damages from the league and reparations in some form for the current state of disrepair they feel their minds and bodies are in due to their playing days in the National Football League.

Former Chiefs punter Louie Aguiar is one such plaintiff, filing along with 50 others in February in a lawsuit that includes some special teams players you might not expect. Former kicker Garo Yepremian of the Dolphins is one of the lead plaintiffs speaking out and he mentions he received the same injuries as anyone else.

From the USA Today report, “The suit says he
‘sustained repetitive traumatic impacts to his head and/or concussions on multiple occasions’ and that he now suffers from ‘neurological conditions and symptoms related to the multiple head traumas.’”

It’s likely to be a long road ahead before Aguiar or anyone else settles this issue in court.