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Royals Refused To Obsess About Losing Streak During 12-Game Skid

Few teams have endured the miserable losing streaks that the Kansas City Royals have over the last several seasons, but the youth infusion and influx of talent is supposed to change that. At least this year, it’s clear there will still be some growing pains. Yet despite dropping 12 straight before last night’s 8-2 win ove the Indians, the Royals said they were staying focused on the right things the entire time.

“It does us no good,” said Royals starter Luke Hochevar, “to sit there and think about, ‘If we didn’t lose this game,’ or, ‘If this streak didn’t happen.’ We have to focus on what’s in front of us and focus on the things that we need to do to be successful. I think that’s going to be our next step: putting it behind us.”

Hochevar picked up the win last night in a much needed game for the Royals. Yost praised his pitcher after the game.

“That was a huge start by Hoch to be able to get us into the seventh inning with the lead against a club that whacked him around last time he faced them,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “That was a pretty darn good effort tonight.”

Eric Hosmer said the bats are finally starting to come alive, which will give the pitchers some breathing room. That will put such streaks to rest most of the time.

“This lineup is really starting to heat up,” Hosmer said. “Guys are starting to hit well. … This offense has been hitting, we just haven’t gotten many balls falling our way.”

The Royals head to the third game of the series in Cleveland today.