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Royals OF Alex Gordon: 'It's A Lot More Fun Winning Than Losing'

The Kansas City Royals finally got one in the win column yesterday for the first time in 13 games. Now they have put another feather in that cap, giving the team a two game winning streak. That’s a good feeling for a team that’s now 5-14 overall.

“It feels good to get two out of three on the road,” Alex Gordon said. “It’s a lot more fun winning than losing, especially 12 in a row. We’re enjoying it, but I think we came here today with the goal to win again.”

Gordon had two hits today and a home run yesterday, so his bat is coming alive at the right time. The Royals need him to hit after signing the big extension just before the regular season started.

“That’s why those streaks happen,” Royals manager Ned Yost said. “You can’t catch a break. You can’t find a hole. They’re making great plays. You’re not getting a call from an umpire. It’s always something. Don’t ask me what it is. Whatever it is, when it turns you get on the right side of it for a while.”

Royals fans can only hope the All-Star magic of 2012 can keep the momentum going for a while.