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Oakland Raiders Set To Sign FA Quarterback Matt Leinart

The expectations originally set out for Matt Leinart will never be fulfilled at this point. The former Heisman winner was a top ten draft choice for the Arizona Cardinals and it’s clear by now that he’s a journeyman back-up who is hoping to find a good home from year to year. After leaving the Houston Texans, he’s hoping that the Oakland Raiders new regime will provide an opportunity for him. reports, “After spending two seasons with the Houston Texans, the former first-round draft pick is likely to sign with the Oakland Raiders upon visiting the team next week, a source with knowledge of the situation told NFL Network’s Albert Breer.”

The team has a veteran in Carson Palmer already at the helm and they also have Terrelle Pryor as a developmental player. It’s likely that Pryor will continue to learn the game and Leinart gives the team a decent player to compete for a back-up spot. Still it wouldn’t surprise if the Raiders take another developmental guy later in the draft, perhaps B.J. Coleman or Kellen Moore.