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NFL Preseason Schedule 2012: Announcement Coming Wednesday

If there's any doubt which league is the one to rule them all LOTR style, the NFL is displaying just how every sport should be handling itself this offseason. While Major League Baseball chose to start their season halfway around the world with little to no fanfare, sending two lower-tier teams to Japan and calling it Opening Day 2012, the NFL is making sure everyone is paying attention to every new detail. Tomorrow will be another oversaturation of news stories around the release of the 2012 NFL preseason schedule.

Just this week, the NFL dominated much of the sports news after the college basketball final by announcing and showing off the new Nike uniforms. Tomorrow will be the preseason schedule. The preseason certainly doesn't matter at all other than making fans pay good money to see the ghost of Dave Krieg try to make a practice squad position. Yet we will treat it like breaking news. Why? Because the NFL is that big and that good at pushing their brand.

The MLB will continue to play second or even third fiddle as a brand as long as they treat their product so poorly. This week is just another example of how bloated coverage of one sport is and how bland it is in another.