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2012 Masters: Weather Forecast For Friday's Second Round At Augusta

The 2012 Masters is already underway and into the second round on Friday, albeit with some slight weather issues. The Par 3 Contest was already cancelled on Wednesday due to inclement weather and the grounds crew has had a lot of work to do to get bunkers ready and windblown debris from trees out of the way. They might have more of the same on Friday for the second round of the Augusta tournament.

Friday's forecast for round two calls for a 35 percent chance of thunderstorms heading into the day, which means that crews might have some early work cut out for them. From there, the weather clears up to make way for golf's biggest stage. The weather remains cloudy throughout the morning and the sun begins to break through in the afternoon. However, a 20 percent chance of precipitation remains around 3pm CT.

Still it could be worse and most if not all golfers should be able to play through as Lee Westwood takes his lead into the second day of play.

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