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Masters 2012: Gary Woodland Says 'I Just Wanted To Finish' Despite Hand Injury

Gary Woodland's 13-over performance in the third round signalled something was definitely wrong. Despite every indicator, however, the golfer was determined to see it through as long as he could in the 2012 Masters.

When a hand injury finally proved to be too much, Woodland finally withdrew from the biggest tournament in golf. But only after everyone else tried to convince him to do so

"I'd worked too hard to get here," said Woodland. "I probably should have stopped," he added, "but I thought maybe I could get a couple of pars coming in and shoot a low one tomorrow. But it was tough. I've never quit anything in my life. I just wanted to finish."

Jeff Shain reports, "He woke up with wrist stiffness, it got progressively worse and then hit him full force with his tee shot at the par-5 eighth hole."

“Butch [Woodland's trainer] and I were talking this morning," said Woodland. "He was saying that’s the best he’s seen me hit it. I thought I was right in the heart of this golf tournament and had a pretty good chance. For this to happen, I’m pretty upset now.”

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