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Steve Breaston Speaks On Saints Bounty Program, Says Football Is Naturally A Violent Sport

In a recent interview with KCSP’s Nick Wright, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Steve Breaston appeared on the program to discuss a few things of note, but it was interesting to hear his take on the recent Saints bounty scandal that resulted in suspensions for Sean Payton and Gregg Williams among others. If anything, Breaston’s comments provided a perspective from the offensive side that understands the violent nature of football is just part of what players should be used to.

When asked about whether or not defensive players are trying to knock him out of the game, Breaston responded by saying that’s the likely mentality in every game — not something Saints’ specific. In short, it’s par for the course in the NFL.

"I think I’ve said it before, I feel like that every game," explains Breaston. "I feel like defensive players are trying to, not trying to injure you in a way, but inflict pain. … If I go across the middle, in order for that defender to jar the ball out of my hands, he’s going to have to hit me hard. Or it wouldn’t be the game of football. That’s just part of the culture. That’s just football. It’s been like that since we started playing when we were younger."

It’s a fine line between a bounty program with the audio that’s come out involved Gregg Williams and the natural violence of a game. It will be interesting to see what adjustments the NFL will continue to make to curb needless violence and enhance player safety.