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Bill Snyder Family Stadium Set For Renovations

Using $75 million of non-state or university tuition money, Kansas State will soon begin construction on a major renovation to Bill Snyder Family Stadium, which the school will call the West Stadium Center project.

The project will begin on April 28 at 11:30 a.m. CST, with a ceremony that will precede the team's spring football game.

Athletic director John Currie maintains that the football team will begin play in the stadium in the 2013 season, a timeframe that he expanded upon, "The construction timeline is pretty aggressive, but it's also a realistic schedule Immediately after the spring football game the excavation process will start. By the time our season starts we will likely have a pretty significant excavation and very possibly some steel rising on either side of the building. Then, after the 2012 football season, the existing structure will be torn down and we will fill into the middle in the void created by tearing down the existing structure."

Amongst the new offerings of the renovation: 40 premium suites, a new level for the media, new club and loge seats, plus a new campus dining hall for Wildcat student athletes.

Thus far, the school has already secured $40 million via fundraising efforts.

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