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Art Monk, Jim Arnold Join Concussion Lawsuit Against NFL

Former Kansas City Chiefs punter Jim Arnold is the latest player to join the lawsuit filed by several former NFL players against the National Football League. Hall of Fame wide receiver Art Monk also joined the movement today. It seems like many more will likely join with the hope of getting some more money from the league after their careers are over.

“I wasn’t somebody that was just going to lie down in front of a guy and let him go,” said Arnold, to the Detroit News. “I was gong to do whatever it took to help my teammates so it wouldn’t be a big return. So I didn’t mind sticking my nose in the middle of it.”

Arnold made the Pro Bowl twice with the Detroit Lions.

“You don’t think about concussions too much when you’re playing, you really don’t,” Arnold said. "You go out there and play the game that you love, and try to help out your team.

“But I worry about all of them. The nature of the game is not going to change unless there a (safety) process and methods that change it.”