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Chiefs Work With TeamSmile To Provide Free Dental Screenings And Procedures For Community

The Kansas City Chiefs have several charitable endeavors that the franchise and players are involved with to one degree or another. One partnership in particular is literally bringing smiles to local children through TeamSmile, an initiative birthed six years ago to make dental screenings and procedures to those who don’t have adequate health care.

"It is always one of the more special efforts we do as an organization and I am honored to be involved with it," says Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt. "To see these kids, many of which have never been to a dentist for various reasons, come to Arrowhead and get much-needed work to their teeth warms my heart. The dedication that both the Chiefs and TeamSmile have shown to help these children get the oral care they need is tremendous."

From the team’s release, “State-of-the-art dental services utilized at this event often include digital x-rays, no shot-no drill water lasers, tooth-colored permanent crowns delivered in 15 minutes and the use of electric drills which offer minimal noise distractions. As a result of this event, the participating youth have often received complementary follow-up office visits thanks to the continued generosity of the dentists that volunteer at ‘Kansas City Oral Health Care Day.’”