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Clint Bowyer Being Sued By Custom Motorcycle Manufacturer

Today's Sprint Cup Race at Darlington might not be the only thing on Clint Bowyer's mind as he races in today's Bojangles' Southern 500. He also might be thinking about his role as defendant in a new lawsuit brought against him for allegedly failing to pay the bill to a South Dakota custom motorcycle manufacturer.

Chris Mueller of the Daily Republic reports, "Klock Werks Kustom Cycles is alleging Bowyer, 32, failed to pay $30,788.45 for the customization of a motorcycle conducted by the company in late 2008 and early 2009."

Mueller goes on to write, "In Bowyer's answer, which has not been officially filed but was obtained Wednesday by The Daily Republic, he denies he agreed to pay money for the bike. Instead, Bowyer says he agreed to provide Klock Werks with "certain promotional services and special accommodations within NASCAR and related publications." Bowyer then claims he fulfilled that obligation, barring Klock Werks from any further compensation."

Bowyer starts at the No. 26 position in today's NASCAR race.