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Nick Wright Leaving KCSP For Houston Morning Show

As Nick Wright's contract came closer to expiring in recent days, the Kansas City sports talk show host was hinting that a change was on the horizon. The word is now out that Wright will helm a new show in Houston as he leaves for a bigger market and, presumably, greener pastures.

"Turnover is part of any business, including radio," KCSP program director Ryan Maguire said. "But turnover is only a bad thing if you don't use it as an opportunity to get better, which is exactly what we plan on doing, as is the case any time we make a change. This is not the first time we've had a very talented host we were very high on leave. Nick is not first to have stars in eyes and big-city dreams."

Wright's new stint will take him from hosting "What's Wright" on 610 AM to co-hosting duties in Houston on the same frequency. In the process, he will move to the morning to co-host with John Lopez. Wright was a recent guest on SBNKC's Chop Talk.