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Big 12 Showdown: Texas' DeLoss Dodds Slants New Commish Bob Bowlsby With Statement

Florida State President Eric Barron insists the rumors are ridiculous. Now someone from the Big 12's side is saying the same. In short, both sides of a rumored relationship between the Big 12 and Florida State are coming out saying everything you've heard is incorrect.

But one story getting lost in the shuffle is who is doing the talking. Note the following:

DeLoss Dodds? Why is he saying a word? The Big 12 just brought in Bob Bowlsby to helm the conference as their new long-term commissioner after Chuck Neinas' tenure was finished. Bowlsby answered questions publicly when he was recently introduced about Texas and its pull in the conference. His reponse?

"I guess I would just suggest that you do a little more homework on me," Bowlsby said. "I haven't been very good at being a puppet over the years."

In short, the shove from Bowlsby to Texas officials was felt and they wanted to use this chance to publicly push back. Instead of allowing Bowlsby and his staff from conference headquarters to speak up about the expansion rumors, Dodds took it on himself to speak on behalf of the conference. Again, another reason to believe that Texas runs things despite statements made to the contrary.

It will be interesting to see in coming weeks just who says what coming out of the Big 12 and whether or not Bowlsby has any more public posturing in store for the Longhorns. If Bowlsby thought he could set the record straight at his presser and have that be the end of it, he's a bit less prepared than believed for the job.