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Danny Duffy Injury Update: Royals 'Followed Acceptable Protocol' Dealing With Knowledge Of Tear

The Kansas City Royals suffered yet another big loss when they learned starting pitcher Danny Duffy would need to undergo season-ending Tommy John surgery. The injury-plagued Royals just can't seem to catch any sort of a break in 2012.

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star reports that even though the team was aware of a minor problem with Duffy's elbow since 2010, they acted accordingly.

The vast majority of professional pitchers have some damage in their arms, an occupational hazard of throwing 95-mph fastballs for a living, and the Royals have known about a small tear in Duffy's elbow since 2010.

The Royals contend an MRI would have shown only the old tear, because Duffy wasn't feeling anything different, and an unaffiliated expert with these types of injuries says the team followed accepted protocol.

The Royals are hoping that Duffy will be able to rejoin the rotation in June of 2013.

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