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Could Dontari Poe's Versatility Determine Future Of Defensive End Spot For Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Dontari Poe with the No. 11 overall pick in this years' draft in hopes that he could become the teams' future nose tackle. That is the goal for Poe by all accounts.

But one of the things that caught the eye of the Chiefs when scouting Poe was his athletic ability for a guy his size and thus his versatility. It's one of the reasons that Scott Pioli immediately after they drafted him came out and started talking about how they liked how Poe lined up all over the defensive line for Memphis.

Field Yates had an interesting bit on Chop Talk this week where he talked about chatting with a few scouts before the draft and that they had thought Poe would be able to play the 5-Technique defensive end spot as well. These were scouts from teams that were in the same general area of where Poe was thought to be selected in the draft.

Well the Chiefs already have two guys that play that particular position in Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson, at least for next year.

Would the possible emergence of a guy like Jerrell Powe at nose tackle change the future of Jackson or Dorsey if Poe proves able to play that same position? I wouldn't say that it's probable but I wouldn't necessarily rule it out either. A lot of comparisons have been talking about Poe having the ceiling of a guy like Haloti Ngata, well Ngata plays some at defensive end too.

Obviously this would only be possible if Powe develops into a base defense, run-stuffing nose tackle. So it could be something to keep an eye on that the development of Powe might affect Jackson and Dorsey more than it could to Dontari Poe.