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Kansas City Chiefs Rank No. 17 In ESPN's Post-Draft Power Rankings

The Kansas City Chiefs are likely to rise in the upcoming 2012 NFL season from the dregs of a last place AFC West finish with so many impact players coming back from injury, a solid draft class and a handful of important FA signings. Apparently some NFL writers believe the same as the Chiefs now sit in the middle of the pack in ESPN’s post-draft Power Rankings at No. 17 overall.

Paul Kuharsky writes, “With veterans returning from injury plus a nice draft influx, Romeo Crennel will have a lot of pieces to sort through.”

That’s a quick way of saying that the talent is there to win the AFC West or grab a wild-card playoff spot if the new coaching staff is able to piece it all together. It’s hard not to like the talent most places on the Chiefs. It’s also hard to ignore the fact that the quarterback position is the same. Only time will tell.