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Player Ratings For Sporting KC-Colorado Match

Jimmy Nielsen-6
Great save, albeit on his own poor punch in the first half, and decent positioning throughout. Can't be blamed for either goal, but should have been more ready for the second goal. Another point blank save in the 85th minute iced the draw instead of a disappointing loss.

Chance Myers-4
Just not his best day. Looked like a traffic cone in the first half and often got pulled in too narrow. Where Kamara and Myers were so potent in the winning streak, they haven't been linking up nearly as well lately.

Aurelien Collin-5
Much more disciplined in his tackling this time around, and he threw in a trademark full speed lunge to clear danger on the touchline. Had an awful square pass that should have led to an early Colorado goal but Conor Casey tried to chip Nielsen.

Matt Besler-6
Eventually, people are going to learn that clearing for long throws does not help them defensively. Besler was also solid in defense, the only blemish being that he unwisely left his man on the second goal to press the ball to no avail.

Seth Sinovic-7
He's my man of the match. Solid throughout, and it's a testament to Michael Harrington that this type of match wasn't completely missed the past two games. Got an assist and again showed how dangerous he is overlapping down the left.

Julio Cesar Santos-4
Just doesn't seem to do much in the matches that I notice. Colorado didn't effectively attack the middle of the field, nor did he set up the offense often. Some abysmal long passes, but for the most part no harm, no foul.

Paulo Nagamura-5
While I scream to have him on the field when Julio Cesar struggles, I hope to never see them on the field together ever again. He was just as blah as Cesar, and he couldn't imitate Roger Espinoza's relentless pressure.

Graham Zusi-5
Didn't get many chances to show off his set piece strength and on the offensive end just missed out on many last passes and moves.

Kei Kamara-4
He again is responsible for a goal against as he mistakenly pushes off Tyrone Marshall right into being unmarked for a header, and shields Nielsen in the process. The starkest contrast between the winning streak and the current winless streak is Kamara's play.

Bobby Convey-5
I don't know what to say about Convey sometimes. His one-two for the first goal was spectacular. His inexplicable foul that set-up the first goal off a Colorado free kick, sums it up. Whereas some guys got a five for being unnoticeable, he gets one for being bipolar.

Teal Bunbury-7
The goals were just what Sporting KC needed, and Bunbury earned his first full 90 minutes. His first touch is still not pretty, but no one is a more natural goal scorer. The nonchalance of his goals was inspiring to deadpan artists everywhere.


Jacob Peterson-6
Again, he provided a bit more than Convey, even a little creativity on a nice backheel one-two to Sinovic. Only player who earned fouls in dangerous position for Sporting KC in the second half, when free kicks would have helped.

Peterson Joseph-5
Second career game, so he was uneven. Followed a decent hesitation move on the offensive end with an equally disappointing turnover on defense.

Lawrence Olum-n/a
Look ma, I got in the game.