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Big 12 Conference Tournament: Kansas Jayhawks Face Texas A&M Aggies

The Kansas Jayhawks baseball team landed the No. 7 seed in the Big 12 tournament.

The Kansas Jayhawks baseball team just barely slid into the Big 12 Conference Tournament thanks to a pair of wins over the Missouri Tigers over the weekend and a loss by Kansas State to Texas Tech on Saturday to land the seventh seed in the tournament.

But now the Jayhawks have the Texas A&M Aggies on Wednesday to look forward to. The second-seeded Aggies have been one of the top teams in the country all season. Kansas dropped two out of three games to Texas A&M in the regular season.

It's worth noting the Jayhawks had a bit of extra motivation with the series against the Tigers, aside from the obvious rivalry. Missouri is making its move to the SEC next year, and Kansas wanted to send the program off on a high note (in favor of Kansas, of course). With that type of inspiration, the Tigers were certainly in for it this weekend.

These were Kansas head coach Ritch Price's words before the Jayhawks actually ended up losing 6-3 to the Tigers on Saturday.

"We're going to play for the past 10 years for any one who has worn a Jayhawk uniform since I've been here and we're going to step on their throat, that's our goal."

They didn't achieve that goal, but hey, the Aggies are headed to the SEC too, right?

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