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Big 12 Adding Florida State Is 'Inevitable,' According To A Report

The Florida St. Seminoles have been sending out mixed messages from the higher ups within the school about whether the school is committed to the ACC or if they are looking to leave and possibly join the Big 12. The latest report about Florida State's conference future comes from which is reporting that the move is going to happen:

According to two people with the strongest ties possible to Florida State's Athletic Department, FSU fully plans on exiting the Atlantic Coast Conference. Florida State will begin its transition to the Big 12 Conference beginning this June. One source went as far as to say, "at this point the move is inevitable."

This report does come a fairly obscure website, so the validity of the report does come into question here. Plus other more established reporters have come out and said that the Big 12 schools are not all sold on expansion.

Dave Sittler of the Tulsa World is reporting that the Big 12 is still split on the idea of expanding:

Then there is Chip Brown of who says that he has spoken to Big 12 officials who say nothing is done, which is not surprising and it does not mean that they are working on adding other schools. The main point in Brown's article is that those saying Florida State, Clemson or Notre Dame are definitely joining the Big 12 have it wrong:

In short, anyone saying Notre Dame, Florida State or Clemson are done deals are talking to people with wishful thinking or relying on second or third-hand information from people with wishful thinking.

Depending on the report one believes the Big 12 is definitely adding Florida State, or that the league is not even sure on if they want to add more teams. So for now, we all just wait to see what happens.