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Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis Is Being Paid $2 Million Per Year Through 2015 To Not Coach Notre Dame

Charlie Weis has not been the head coach of Notre Dame since he was fired back in 2009 however he will be getting paid by Notre Dame through 2015.

Since 2009, Weis has had three different coaching jobs where he was the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2010, he held the same position with the Florida Gators in 2011 and now is the head coach of the Kansas Jayhawks.

Weis was initially paid a sum of $6.6 million when he was fired three years ago and then was paid just over $2 million from July 2010 through June 2011, and the total amount could equal $19 million. If the amount is $19 million is accurate then Notre Dame still owes Weis just over $10 million which comes out to be approximately just over $2 million per year.

Weis' current contract with Kansas is paying him $2.5 million per year, so Notre Dame is paying Weis nearly the same amount to not coach them as Kansas is paying him to be their head coach.