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2012 MLB Draft: Royals Have $6.1 Million To Spend On 10 Early Selections

The financials are out via Baseball America, and fans now know much their favorite teams will have to spend in the upcoming 2012 MLB Rule IV Draft. The rules have changed significantly regarding the zany spending of some teams compared to others, so the over-slot bonuses handed out in previous years will go down. As the BA report explains:

One of the most significant provisions of the new draft rules will be the prescribed bonuses for every pick in the first 10 rounds. Major League Baseball had tried for years to curb draft spending with recommended bonuses, but those proved ineffective with no penalties to back them up. With a punitive tax and the possibility of losing picks in future drafts behind the numbers now, teams are expected to stick to them much more closely.

The Royals have the No. 5 overall selection in the draft and they’ve been linked to Florida catcher Mike Zunino, although high-end college pitching makes a lot more sense given the needs in-house.

Overall, the Royals will have just over $6.1 million to spend on their draft selections through the first 10 rounds. The Twins lead with over $12 million for 13 selections while the Angels have just $1.645 million for their draft haul.

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