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Big 12 Expansion Rumors: Clemson, Not Florida State, Most Open To Leaving ACC

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As the Big 12 spring meetings get underway this week in Kansas City, there are a myriad of subjects that will be broached by those in attendance. Only one will likely be focused upon to any great degree: possible conference expansion. As rumors run rampant connecting several schools to the Big 12, the conference first has to decide if they’re even up for increasing from its current number of 10 schools.

If they do decide that expansion is the answer, speculation will run rampant about ACC schools in particular. Miami, Clemson and Florida State have all been named as possible candidates, but the only one even leaving a possibility open at this point in terms of public comment is Clemson. Clemson board chairman David Wilkins recently left the door open with a statement.

“We’ve not had any contact from any league,” Wilkins said.. “If we receive a viable option, a viable proposal, that is presented to us by any league, we will consider it.”

Other schools are taking a we’re-confident-in-the-ACC approach that still doesn’t necessarily mean anything one way or the other. However, it’s interesting that Clemson is at least open to the suggestion and acknowledging that movement is a real possibility.

The first step will be the Big 12’s willingness to open its doors or leave them shut. Much of that will be discussed by the conference powers-that-be this week.