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Big 12 Expansion News: ADs 'Committed' To 10 Members

The Big 12 meetings are underway in Kansas City, and despite a whirlwind of rumors in recent weeks regarding conference expansion, it looks, at least publicly, like the conference is happy with its 10 current members.

Neinas, who is the acting Big 12 commissioner until Bob Bowlsby takes over in June, has been on record saying that bigger does not equal better in terms of conference expansion.

It's not too surprising that Neinas came out and said this publicly, as he is likely looking to quell rumors that began over a month ago. Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Notre Dame have all been rumored through various sources to have interest in joining the Big 12.

As of today, it looks like the Big 12 doesn't quite reciprocate that interest. Things could easily change over the summer, and really, the rumors likely will continue to be produced over the summer, but as of now, the Big 12 is happy with its current 10 members.

For the latest on Big 12 expansion, be sure to check back at SB Nation Kansas City all summer long.