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Big 12 Expansion Rumors: Texas' DeLoss Dodds Speaks About Florida State

At this point, it's impossible to tell who speaks for the Big 12. Bob Bowlsby is the brand new permanent commissioner who refuses to take the podium prior to his official start on June 15. Chuck Neinas is the lame duck commissioner on the way out. DeLoss Dodds is, well, the one Athletic Director with the biggest belt buckle of all. Perhaps it's that Texas sway that allows him to speak on behalf of everyone else.

As for his latest comments, Dodds is taking it upon himself to speak publicly about the Big 12 expansion rumors and the possible schools it could include. He gave a quick pat on the back to Florida State while commenting on the state of any rumored negotiations:

That's pretty much what everyone is hearing at this point -- that if there's interest, there's been no official movement on either side. However, it's interesting here that Dodds is using this chance to speak before Bowlsby can get into office. Bowlsby already came out with a firm stance that he wasn't going to be bullied by any Texas power play within the Big 12 and Dodds is apparently calling him on it, albeit in an indirect way.

As for the rumors, it doesn't hurt that Dodds is at least speaking highly of Florida State and even giving the ACC some kudos. At this point, it would hurt more if he were stoking the fire instead of putting it out.

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