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VIDEO: Danica Patrick Intentionally Wrecks Sam Hornish Jr. At Talledega

The feud between Danica Patrick and Sam Hornish, Jr. is only going to continue after the Aaron's 312 at Talledega today after Patrick took out Hornish, Jr. intentionally below. You can see the full vid here and draw your own conclusions. Clearly explanations will be forthcoming, however.

Before the race, Hornish described their rivalry a bit more:

"I've known Danica for 20-plus years now, so it's not anything I haven't gone through before," he said in a phone interview. "I guess I've got the same answer from when she came to IndyCar full-time: It's going to attract attention. As long as the broadcasters, writers, all the TV people and journalists remember to give the other drivers some play, too, not wear the general public out on Danica-mania, I think it will all go very well."

For more information on the Sprint Cup race or this weekend's action at Talledega, check out this Storystream over at SB Nation.