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NASCAR At Talladega 2012: Carl Edwards Wrecks Out Of Race

Carl Edwards was involved in a bizarre wreck in the NASCAR Nationwide Series at Talladega on Sunday in lap 142. Edwards said he wasn't quite sure what happened there, while standing next to his wrecked car. Edwards did a television interview with Fox not too long after the crash. Here is some of what he had to say:

"This thing is insane. I don't know what happened. None of the nuts and bolts came apart on the car. Everything held together so I've got to thank Fastenal for that. People were just running out of fuel. But this is a crazy race. ... These guys running three-wide, bumper to bumper, it's I think the best package we've had here. That wreck was not because of the package, it's because people miscalculated their fuel."

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