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Royals Likely To Pick Up Option On Joakim Soria To Raise Return Value In 2013

The Kansas City Royals are going to have a major decision to make when Joakim Soria finally returns from yet another Tommy John surgery in 2013. The Royals will have been without their long-term closer for the duration of the 2012 season, and they have bright young arms who could take over the role for a fraction of the price. But the Royals would also be forced to let Soria go for nothing after years of spurning possible trade offers. That's not likely to happen.

A quick look ahead by MLB Trade Rumors analyzes the 2013 market for closers, and Soria is one intriguing buy-low option for many teams. That's why Soria is likely to stick in KC after all just to build some of that value back up.

Dan Mennella writes, "Similar to the Reds and Madson, the Royals will have a tough decision to make with Soria coming off (a second) Tommy John surgery. They've been very reluctant to part with him via trade previously, so I'm thinking they'll pick up the option just to save face and see what he can yield -- either in terms of on-field contributions or perhaps a trade later in the season if he comes back healthy."

Soria was one of the best young closers in baseball over the last few seasons, but injuries have definitely changed that outlook. It will be interesting to see what return, if any, Dayton Moore will want for his long-time closer.

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