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2012 Belmont Stakes: The Importance Of Keeping To To A Training Schedule For I'll Have Another

The 2012 Belmont Stakes are just over a week away and I'll Have Another has so far stayed healthy and has been able to keep up their training schedule even though the pressure and spot light is on the horse. Matt Gardner of And Down the Stretch they Come talks about how it is important for I'll Have Another continues to keep a regular training routine and stays injury free.

Gardner discusses that I'll Have Another has already been galloping on the Belmont track to get a feel for the course, and has been getting out to early training sessions. Most importantly their training schedule has been kept intact.

The other important issue to watch out for is minor injuries, because even missing one training session could have an adverse affect once race day comes around. Gardner discusses how back in 2008 that Big Brown missed some training time leading up to the Belmont, and those missed training sessions could have caused Big Brown to falter in their Triple Crown attempt.

For lots more on the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown, please visit And Down the Stretch they Come.