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NBA Finals 2012: Chris Bosh Injury Status Changes Miami Heat Dynamic Against Thunder

The Miami Heat feature the Big Three and little else, which means that the loss of one of their players could spell instant trouble for the team. The Heat earned their playoffs wins the hard way so far with the loss of Chris Bosh for most of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Now that he’s getting healthier heading into the Finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Heat are getting better at the perfect time

As talented as LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are, they need the interior presence in the middle that Chris Bosh provides. Royce Young of the Daily Thunder says the late surge from Bosh at the end of the Celtics series tells viewers everything they need to know about what he offers the Heat in the middle.

"Throughout the Celtics series, it seemed like people forgot rather quickly that the Heat are a really, really good team," wrote Young. "With a healthy Bosh, that is. He proved it in Game 7 knocking down some big time shots and with a few more days to rest, Bosh likely will be back in his starting spot and playing closer to 30 minutes. Bosh spaces the floor, adds a much-needed weapon to Miami’s offensive attack and provides them length and versatility. He makes Miami better. Much better."

The series kicks off this Tuesday night at 8pm CT.

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