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Big 12 Sets Women's Basketball Attendance Mark For 13th Consecutive Year

Thirteen consecutive years. That’s a long streak by any measure in any category, and that’s how impressive Big 12 schools have been in their support for women’s basketball. The conference is known for their great teams, led by the incredible Baylor team that claimed another national championship this season, but they are supported all around. From the release:

The Conference’s 959,993 cumulative attendance was 139,072 more than the Big East, which was second in total attendance with its 16 squads. The Big 12’s per game average of 5,304 topped the second-place Big Ten and its 12 teams by 1,176 a contest. Overall, the Big 12’s average more than doubled that of 28 of the 32 leagues.

A nation-high seven Big 12 schools were ranked in the Top 25 for average home attendance, led by Iowa State for the fourth consecutive year. The Cyclones placed third nationally (9,316) and were in the top five for the fifth straight season. Other Conference rankings were 6. Baylor (8,563), 9, Oklahoma (6,851), 11. Texas Tech (6,693), 12. Texas A&M (6,555), 24. Kansas State (4,069), 25. Texas (3,988) and 45. Oklahoma State (2,675).

It will be interesting to see how West Virginia and TCU affect this mark since the conference will lose Texas A&M’s figures. Missouri is not listed here, so that loss won’t affect too much.