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Former Chiefs Receiver Chris Chambers Still Upset With Todd Haley

Chris Chambers does not have fond memories of his time with the Kansas City Chiefs. Or at least he’s allowed his former head coach to cloud the rest of his memories. While Chambers was a veteran receiver the Chiefs brought in to help anchor the passing game, Chambers said he never really had a chance to perform at his highest level thanks to a head coach who wouldn’t play him.

A recent interview with Chambers with the Palm Beach Post got Chambers to discuss a few aspects of his career with both the Dolphins and the Chiefs. When it came to his time in KC, only one name seemed to matter.

“Todd Haley. That’s a whole ‘nother conversation,” said Chambers. "He’s one of those head coaches that doesn’t respond to his players. That’s why he got fired. When he left there it was like a big breath. He kind of crushed my career a bit, trying to put other guys in, not really relying on his veterans."

He goes on to describe in detail his issues with Haley and other aspects of his playing career. The entire piece is worth a read if you were a Chambers fan or want the inside scoop on the Chiefs of old.