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Colt McCoy Trade Options: Kansas City Chiefs Offer Intriguing Spot

This point is moot if the Kansas City Chiefs were not interested in Colt McCoy to any degree when the former Texas product came out in the 2010 NFL Draft. However, if the Chiefs were remotely interested at that point, then the news dropping today that the Cleveland Browns are looking to trade McCoy instead of releasing him could make things interesting in the world of roster construction.

Word is out today that the Browns must be enamored enough with new first round pick Brandon Weeden out of Oklahoma State. The immediate speculation after the Browns made him the No. 22 choice in the draft was that he could immediately contend for the starting role over McCoy. Apparently that was an understatement.

If the Chiefs could have cared less about McCoy’s NFL potential back in 2010, then Scott Pioli won’t even blink when thinking about McCoy. Perhaps he’s satisfied heading into the season with Matt Cassel entrenched as the starter and having Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi fight it out for the back-up role. However, the mantra this offseason (as with every offseason) is that upgrading the roster in any way possible is always an option. McCoy could do just that.

At only 25, McCoy has been a polarizing choice for many. He went 4-9 last year for the Browns in 13 games as a starter with 14 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Some believe he wasn’t given enough weapons to work with, while others wonder whether he’d ever succeed at all.

If he comes cheaply, he’d step into the opposite role he had in Cleveland with the Chiefs. Kansas City has all of the weapons already in place and someone is going to enjoy the loaded backfield and solid receiving options all around.

The downside in bringing McCoy in is the drama it could cause. Questions would immediately start about a quarterback controversy and the Chiefs have been a very focused mini-camp and offseason home so far. Now that the players are gone until training camp, does it make sense to add McCoy? These are questions that are hard for anyone but Pioli and his staff to answer.

Yet if the Chiefs were ever interested in McCoy at one point, he’s now available and likely for pennies on the dollar. It will be interesting to see where he lands.