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Big 12 Women's Basketball Attendance In 2011-12 The Best In The Country, Again

The big 12 not only had the nation's best women's basketball team in 2011-12 but also was the best in the country in game attendance.

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Big 12 had the best attendance in the country fro women's basketball this past season.
Big 12 had the best attendance in the country fro women's basketball this past season.

Women's basketball in the Big 12 Conference is among the best in the nation every year, and in the 2011-12 season it was again the best attended. This is the 13th consecutive year that Big 12 women's basketball has led the nation in league attendance.

The Big 12 drew a cumulative attendance of just under one million fans (959,953) to women's basketball games this past season, 139,000 more than the second-place Big East and with six less teams. On a per-game basis, the ten Big 12 schools averaged 5,304 a game, The Big Ten, with 12 teams, was next in line, averaging 1,128 less per contest than the Big 12.

For the fourth year in a row, Iowa State led the conference with an average game attendance of 9,316. This was the third best attendance average in the country and kept the Cyclones in the top five for the fifth straight season. A nation-best seven Big 12 schools ranked in the top 25 in average home attendance The 2011-12 national champions, the Baylor Bears, ranked sixth nationally in average home attendance (8,563), followed by Oklahoma (ninth, 6,851), Texas Tech (11th, 6,693), Texas A&M (12th, 6,555), Kansas State (24th, 4,069) and Texas (25th, 3,988).

Baylor (339,404), Iowa State (218,860) , Texas A&M (205,553) and Texas Tech (194,101) all ranked in the top ten for total attendance (all games: home, away and neutral sites). Baylor's season attendance figure was the second best in the nation.

The Big 12 holds the NCAA single-year record for both cumulative attendance of the conference (1,021,289, set in 2009-10) and average home attendance (5,331 in 2001-02). The Big 12 also is the only conference to draw more than one million fans for women's basketball in a season, which the league has accomplished six times.

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